Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hawaii 1970

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When we shipped out for Yankee Station about the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1970, our first stop was Pearl Harbor. I was excited about seeing the Island and had just purchased a small rangefinder camera. We spent some time at Pearl as the ship was being readied for war and I was able to spend some time off the ship. I had a friend who lived in Hawaii and was able to get around. I wasn't interested in visiting tourist spots, so when the opportunity to hike through a rain forest was offered, I jumped at it.

I had the camera with me, and made a valiant attempt to keep it dry as I scampered over wet moss and stones. One misstep on a mossy rock and I fell into a pool clutching the camera. When I lifted it out of the water I watch water stream out of the innards. Surprisingly I was able to develop the roll and got these three photos.

I felt this stump looked a bit like a face. Note the water damage along the bottom.

Lots of mini waterfalls along the trail

We were wet but it felt good in that climate. What appears to be a fence near the guy in front is smeared film emulsion
Later on that cruise I bought a Nikonos 35mm waterproof  camera which eventually failed when I didn't grease the O-rings.